Intellectual Icon Business Consult (IBC) is a complete administrative and support consulting firm that specializes in foreign recruitment services. Unlike other firms offering the same type of services, IBC integrates risk management capabilities coupled with our manpower service guarantee in order to provide clients with the best labor force available with the lowest risk of potential liability. We propose as a solution to your foreign labor human resource need.

Intellectual Icon Business Consult has a team who are expects in the recruitment industry with over seven years’ experience in foreign outsourcing and placement services. What makes us unique from other recruitment agencies is that we have had direct experience in placing foreign labor. Therefore, we understand the risks involved in recruiting labor for foreign countries and have constructed an established recruitment process which will mitigates those threat factors. IBC offers Contingent placement, contract or temporary placement, full time or permanent placement and executive search services for companies and businesses of all sizes and demography.


Is to accelerate the growth of businesses by helping them hire the best-in class talent’s of workforce while focusing on their core business


Is to become the bridge linking foreign employers to the African workforce. We continuously strive to become the brand and the household name behind foreign recruitment in the continent, by offering the best of service.


We always have the following in mind whiles honoring the service of our dear clients.

Intergrity: We promise only what we can deliver and we deliver only our promise

Efficiency: We don’t only work to meet deadline, however, we always strive to work against the clock

Reliable: We are always ready and available to offer the best of service to our clients at all times.