Domestic & household staffing

under domestic and household staffing our services includes (but not limited to the following) sourcing and recruitment of: House managers, chefs/ cooks, House keepers, Butlers, Drivers, Nannies , maintenance staffs, cleaners, Launders, Gardeners and ground staff  etc.

Manufacturing or factory workers

our service under this sector covers diverse domain of the manufacturing and production firms.  Factory hands, farm hands, warehouse workers, packers, machine operators, Cleaners, fruit packers, Store keepers, drivers, technicians, cleaners,  general laborers, truck drivers, forklift operators, warehouse staffs, etc.


under this sector we do offer the following, teachers for non-English speaking countries, Tutors, instructors etc.

Hospitality & Transport

Drivers, truck drives, Chauffers’ / Drivers, forklift operators, cooks, chefs, chauffeurs, house keepers, supervisors, waiter and waitresses, receptionist etc.


Under construction sector, we do offer the following workforce, masons, general laborers, carpenters, tillers, electricians, plumbers, steel benders, welders, excavator operators etc.

Operational & Admin

We provide the following sourcing and placement service under operation and admin, office assistant, cashiers, sales girl or boy, records keepers, data entry clerks, warehouse staffs, etc.


under healthcare we source or recruit the following staffs, Maternity nurse, General nursing, Nanny Nurse etc.

Oil and Gas

Under Oil and gas we offer the following (but not limited to the aforementioned) placement and outsourcing service; roustabout, cabin crew, drillers, chef, cooks, safety officers, healthcare workers etc.

Security services

Security guards and other security related staffs